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Ree Drummond, a mother of four, is well-versed in the art of the mom joke. Everyone initially fell in love with her because of her sense of humor. Not to add the elegance with which she accepts the traditional Drummond snake trick, you have the ridiculous blog entries and Instagrams! The ability of mothers to make us laugh is one of the few things in this world that can be relied upon. With all the trouble that kids put them in, they really do need a sense of humor. Dads, it’s time to move aside because these mom jokes clearly show who the funniest parent is.
Though motherhood can be challenging, moms are arguably the best at making fun of life. (Have you seen these hilarious TikTok parent moments?) Make your day happier by using these hilarious knee slappers. These are the ideal one-liners, puns, and kid-friendly jokes to make the whole family laugh. Wish to brighten your mother’s day? On Mother’s Day, prepare her a delicious meal and accompany her with one of these jokes from a humorous Mother’s Day card. Or, if her birthday is soon, give her a funny note and some wonderful mom gifts! Even the sweetest tribute to the woman who has always been there has lovely Instagram captions.These rival the best dad jokes, in our opinion.

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